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Learn to Be

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Our studios are a unique combination of traditional and contemporary elements, embodying the spirit of the community schoolhouses that were instrumental in building America, while also incorporating the latest advancements in technology and innovative organizational design for the 21st century.

Daily Schedule

Our schedule reflects the opportunity for every Learner to find their calling and change the world, while also emphasizing the importance of being intentional and finding FLOW.

As much as possible, large chunks of time are provided for Learners to dive deeply into work they are passionate and curious about.

At least twice daily, Learners gather for Socratic discussions centered on studio life, a real-world dilemma, or seeing the world from a historical figures point of view.

(Specific times and details of the daily schedule may differ slightly between locations)

8:00 AM: Drop Off and Free Time
8:30 AM: Daily Launch - Socratic Discussion
  • See an example here!
8:45 AM: Crew Meetings
  • Mixed-age groups of Learners meet to discuss goals for the day, week, and month.
9:00 AM: Meaningful Work
  • Math, Writing, Reading in a self-paced and self-directed environment, free-play and brain-breaks when necessary for each individual Learner
11:30 AM: Lunch/Free Time
12:30 PM: Quest Launch - Socratic Discussion
12:30 PM: Quest
  • Hands-on work, team-based challenges, sciences, coding, entrepreneurship, art & music, history
2:00 PM: Enrichments, Passion Projects, Free Play
  • Learner-led classes like crocheting, art, and sports
  • Deep dives into passions and entrepreneurial ventures
  • Outdoor free play - rain or shine!
3:00 PM: Studio Maintenance
3:15 PM: Landing - Closing Discussion
3:30 PM: Dismissal and Pick-Up


Ages 4 to 8

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In the Foothills studio, Learners explore the world through playful activities and pursuing their natural interests. Additionally, the  studio places great emphasis on building foundational skills in reading, writing, goal-setting, and independent learning, which prepare young learners to excel and thrive in the next Studio.

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Basecamp Studio

Ages 8 to 11

The Basecamp Studio establishes a strong base for learning and exploration by offering personalized academic work, quest projects, and free play. The academic work, including reading, writing, and math, are self-paced and designed for mastery using adaptive technology and hands-on materials. In the afternoons, learners engage in hands-on projects exploring various subjects such as arts, sciences, history, and the natural world.

Activities in this studio demand a team effort, critical thinking, and creativity. Additionally, free time and competitive games foster a sense of community and develop problem-solving and collaboration skills. Basic reading and writing proficiency is a prerequisite for participation in this studio.


Ages 11 to 15

The Ridgeline Studio marks the beginning of young Learner's entry into the real world, with its exhilarating opportunities and accompanying responsibilities. One such responsibility is completing an annual apprenticeship with community heroes. As young adults, these learners can make a great impact on the world around them. Accordingly, Ridgeline Learners lead important parts of studio life daily.

Discussions now delve into more mature subject matter. The Ridgeline Studio provides a greater degree of freedom to experiment and push boundaries, while also offering a space to test one's limits, make mistakes early and often without incurring significant costs.

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Summit Studio

Ages 15 to 18

At the Summit, Learners prepare for real-world success by acquiring valuable skills, honing them through apprenticeships, and launching actual startups, businesses, and projects in various fields such as business, science, humanities, or the arts. The apprenticeships gradually increase in duration and complexity, ensuring that by the time a Learner completes the Summit studio, they possess a portfolio of real-world work to demonstrate their abilities and begin their Next Great Adventure!

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